Hospitality Hygiene

Hospitality Hygiene is important in a business, especially in the hotel industry. It directly affects customer satisfaction and so will effect business. A customer usually does not frequent a hotel which gives poor and slow services. Good hotel management can also affect a country's image as it tells the quality of the service of a country. It can also improve tourism.

When it comes to hospitality, we know that excellent hygiene is a crucial part of keeping staff and customers happy, healthy and safe.
The day to day requirements of hygiene in the hospitality business is tested on two fronts: Staff requirements, and customer requirements. Achieving the balance of expectations is often difficult and costly, and many traditional options cannot provide the control of expenditure whilst also delivering the required hygiene performance.
Hygiene Systems recognises the importance of effective hygiene both in the ‘front of house’ and ‘back of house’, and has controlled supply options for both zones.
Hygiene Systems focuses on the following key objectives for its customers: Control of cross-contamination, professional appearance, cost reduction, and waste reduction

The Hospitality and Hygiene Industry requires a wide range of occupational skills from:

- Front of house, Reception to kitchen
- Bar, Cellar, Food service
- Customer service, Laundry, dry cleaning and general cleaning duties
- Window cleaning, Street cleaning
- Kitchen cleaning
- Caretaker / maintenance person
- Gardener, Grounds person
- Manufacturing hygiene staff

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